Springhill Group: Royale Springhill Residences


The first in Indonesia, an apartment concept certified with ”Green Label Certification Apartment “ , Royale Springhill Residences is a 6 tower apartment complex consisting of 37 floors on each tower. With nature as its design inspiration and by adopting the “green building” concept, Royale Springhill Residences is able to incorporate the harmony of greeneries, water and light onto her design, optimizing the use of energy.

The concept of Royale Springhill Residences is based on “Urban Living within nature”; where city lifestyle-living is complemented by open green spaces. As a whole, the 6 towers are envisaged as if “growing” from the lust green “City Forest”.

A concept brought forward amidst the growing concern on the environment in global cities around the environment in global cities around the world, Springhill promises to deliver not only its promise of prominent  living but also its commitment to the environment. Design-wise, Royale Springhill Residences is analogous to the metaphor of a “Floating Lotus”, reflecting pool and “urban forest” surroundings. A first impression for residents entering the apartment will be a lush tropical garden with ponds, water features, and a large pool surrounding the six towers. A waterfall lobby will extend one’s feeling of closeness with the ‘open’ nature that will counter-balance the feeling of living in a high rise ‘closed’ building.


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