Springhill Group – Residences


 With nature as its design inspiration and by adopting the “green building” concept, Royale Springhill Residences is able to incorporate the harmony of greeneries, water and light onto her design, optimizing the use of energy.
The concept of Royale Springhill Residences is based on “Urban Living within nature”; where city lifestyle-living is complemented by open green spaces. As a whole, the 6 towers are envisaged as if “growing” from the lust green “City Forest”.
A concept brought forward amidst the growing concern on the environment in global cities around the environment in global cities around the world, Springhill promises to deliver not only its promise of prominent  living but also its commitment to the environment. Design-wise, Royale Springhill Residences is analogous to the metaphor of a “Floating Lotus”, reflecting pool and “urban forest” surroundings.

3 thoughts on “Springhill Group – Residences

  1. This is what I am looking for, this has everything that I am and I need. I am a nature lover but I need to stay in the city because basically my life is there. My work, my family and friends but is till cannot leave my first love which is nature so this place is best for me. I would not miss this for million years.

  2. I am sure you would not regret investing on springhill residences because most of my relatives resides there, my aunt started to invest there and soon enough all of my relatives followed because every time we visit is an experience. That was a lovely place, in fact I am planning to invest there too, I am just waiting for my money and will invest there at once.

  3. The only thing that I am concern about if I will invest is I don’t want to be placed in the higher level, I wanted to be in the lower ground, I am getting old and soon it will be hard for me to go up and down even say you have an elevator lift. I hope there are still units available on lower grounds.

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